Is the cost of travel too high?


Many of us probably look at travel as a naughty indulgence that cost too much money, I know because I used to. I’ve heard people say “Wow, that would be nice, but I can’t afford it”, many times.

Is travelling really that expensive or is it a possibility we associate a “good time” with a high price tag? Possibly hundreds, thousands even millions of people don’t travel as often as they would like to because of this perception. With the cost of living getting higher and higher what hope is there for the average blue-collar worker to travel? Some days quitting and hitting the road with my backpack seems like the reliable choice. However, we can do this — work, pay our bills, save and travel – I am just as many others are.

Is your bar set to high?

If you want to live like a celebrity and spend a year in a swank water hut with a glass floor that stands in the reef at the Maldives, then I would suggest you lower your standards a touch if you’re on a budget. When I was younger I perpetually dreamed of Paris, riding a bike through the back streets and through the strawberry fields. I never got there because I thought it was out of my reach, but that’s not true and I was just an uneducated fool for not doing my homework. I never knew how expensive it was, I just thought it was too much for me!

Know when you’ve set your standards too high and learn to tell when you haven’t. The only way to do this is by researching your desired place and other places on your shortlist so you can compare. I won’t bullshit you and tell you that everything is within reach while on a budget because some places are so ridiculously high in price because of their exclusiveness.

My verdict:

While I understand that some people who want to travel physically can’t or really don’t have the coin to, I think people can suffer from lack of information and/or commitment. I have suffered from both, and even though I wish I travelled daily, I’m satisfied (for now) with the arrangement I have in place – one a year! I’m getting there slowly, but I’m still getting there.

What do you think?

2 Responses to “Is the cost of travel too high?”

  1. Claire

    This is so true, people always ask me how can I afford to travel and never believe me when I say that It is not that expensive, it only cost me £2300 in total to travel around India and Nepal for four months including a trip to The Taj and a plane ride around Mt. Everest….Great post :) x

    • Jayne Marshall

      Hi Clair,

      That’s excellent! Thanks for reading. I think I fell into the trap of thinking it cost too much and so on. But really, if thought out it can be done for cheap! Haha I think I’m jealous now – I can’t wait to get to Nepal :-)


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