Fear be gone!

Travelling Abroad:

Travelling out of your country is worrisome for many travellers, even I have my doubts — we’re only human after all. However, a good amount of fear is a wise precaution for even the experienced wanderer, although too much fear will be the determiner of if you travel at all. How much is the good amount? I think this “good amount” falls into the responsibility bag. War prone countries would be scary for me, though, many travellers still go there because they figure the reward out ways the risk and kudos to them! Know your limits!

For example, a few months ago I kept having dreams of falling off a cliff while doing my (upcoming) trek. Now nobody likes falling and that little dream often visits us right before we fall into a deep sleep, but the real issue was that I was manifesting the fear of heights. Nobody wants to fall off a cliff! The funny thing is though I did take this seriously to begin with and started doing insane amounts of research in hopes to find that where I was going had no cliffs. I guess that information was good to know, but the fact is in 2007 I threw myself from a plane at 12,000 feet, free-falling for approx. 48 seconds and loved every bit of it. I stopped feeding that falling (dream) fear real quick! I know what I’m capable of, see how easy it is to get distracted by fear?



A general fear that rears its ugly head more often than not is the fear of flying. Personally I used to hate it, ears pressurising, nauseated and of course my mental state dramatically changing every time the plane makes a foreign noise or I experience turbulence.

A scared soul convinced it could end at any moment, wide eyes, breathing heavy, imagining the worst, complete loss of reason; who eventually musters up the courage to gain some kind of composure, you might tell yourself to breathe deep and snap out of it…but it happens again. Is this you as a passenger on a plane? Don’t worry it was me too for a long time! But remember it takes time to become normal and that a fair chunk of this fear is BS, the trolls inside our head intensify what is a general concern for all to a paralysing fear that will get you know where. – Me

When I realised I was serious about travelling I went and seen a Dr about the flying fear to try gain some perspective. I won’t throw statistics at you because that won’t work we’ve all seen plane crashes on the news, so we know they do happen. Truth is, plane crashes are unlikely and I learned to prioritise my fears in a way where instead of flying being my #1 fear it became something I would find a tragedy if it were to occur (as anyone would) and instead of contemplating being involved in a plane crash and worrying about it, now I don’t – there’s no point in that! Flying got better for me the more I did it, now its close to second nature, not as close as driving a car but not far off – just imagine being in the cockpit now that would be fun!

Fear of the Unknown:

I hate this fear, it blocks you from opportunity, persuades you to trust nothing (even your dreams), and in the end you decide its best if you just stay at home where it’s safe. THAT IS NOT LIVING! The best thing to do with this type of fear is to educate yourself on the place or activity that’s keeping you up at night. The internet offers so much information from personal experiences to professional advice that it’s almost impossible not to find the information you need to gain the right amount of knowledge so you’re comfortable. The more you know the comfortable you will be and the more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to chase your dreams!

If you think about it, most fears relate very closely to the ‘God Father’ of all fears – death. There is no time waster like contemplating our death through fears that hold us back. I’m not saying go sign up for extreme sports (unless you want to).

Look at it this way, we risk our lives every day doing regular activities, like travelling to work. There are many fatalities travelling to work but how many of us give travelling to work a second thought and think it’s potentially life threatening? Exactly! Do you ever worry about what could happen to you tomorrow? Do you not cross the road because a bus might hit you? My point is if you do these everyday activities which are potentially dangerous, is there any adverse differences between chasing your dream in the same vein? The answer to that question is no, no there isn’t any adverse differences only rewarding ones! Check out the view below!


2 Responses to “Fear be gone!”

  1. RYAN

    I experienced the same thing when I got to New Zealand. I had a nightmare of being on a train while the world was collapsing around me and suddenly we derail and crash. It was attributed to my fear of going into the unknown and potentially having my life go off course and crash, but everything worked out fine. Great post =)

    • Jayne Marshall

      Hi Ryan, Thanks for sharing your experience. The meanings our dreams can have when we have experienced a big change in life and/or venture off into the unknown can be scary at times! If it works out then that’s a win in so many ways. I’m happy New Zealand worked out for you :-)


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