We are doing the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu for charity with 23 extraordinary Aussies in October 2013. To be honest, I never  thought I would sign up for a trip like this but sometimes its best not to over think the options – pick something and stick to it. Trekking in the Andes at high altitude for a great cause, seems like a good place to start – why not? This will be our first time overseas but I can assure you it will not be our last.

Like many people we (my partner and I) live a normal life but have wanted to travel for some time. Meeting new people, tasting different foods, learning new languages, experience many different cultures – this list could go on! How many of us get stuck in our day to day ruts and never experience our true passions?

Camping in the Andes! Sounds kind of romantic…yeah sounds. I probably won’t think that when I’m there, however the spectacular view of the Salkantay mountain will make it all worth while. I think like many others before us, our group is about to endure a life changing experience, it will be wild and harsh but beautiful at the same time. Who knows we might even see a mountain lion (from a distance).

In preparation for this trip in particular I’ve done a lot of research on gear which I will add to the Gear page shortly. I will give reasons for why I chose what I did and once I’ve used the gear I will follow-up with my thoughts afterwards. I will be adding my packing list soon, under the Treks page. If your interested in learning more about Altitude sickness (Acute Mountain Sickness) go here.

Anyway, most of what you see on this site will be topics I’ve researched for the Peru trip, however there will be the odd article thrown in on other places of interest. Happy reading and enjoy packing your bags ;-)

2 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Lee

    Wow Jayne! Sounds like ur all set for a awsome adventure! Thx for great reads on your site :)


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